Networking: Access denied on Net View

  The Mad Hacker 23:31 09 Jun 2003

I've had a network in my house for about 3 months now, everything works fine, running through a netgear router, with no centeral server PC, although I hope to change this.

But that's not what I come here today to whine about. Sharing folders works fine in my network on every PC, except one. This PC has always been a bit of a problem child, it randomly messes up hardware accelleration, sometimes corrupts word, and I've had to reinstall windows several times.

After my A-levels are over, I'm going to wipe it, but it would be nice to fix sharing on it. Basically, I connect to every PC in my house like so: \\den\share would connect me to "share" on the "den" PC. However, doing \\office\share (office is the name of the "problem child" PC) brings up an "access denied" message. I do Net View office from my laptop, and it brings up access denied. All my PCs are in the same workgroup, they all run either windows XP (a mixture of pro and home) or Windows 2000 professional (one old laptop).

Essentially, I can't share files, so I assume I've messed something up somewhere. Or it needs another reinstall. At the moment, I'm running a FTP server on it to share files, but I don't like this much.

  jazzypop 23:38 09 Jun 2003

Have you ever installed a firewall on this 'Office' PC? I have see this happen, particularly with ZoneAlarm, where it does not completely uninstalll itself. The fragments that remain are enough to block all comms.

If it is an XP Pro PC, try enabling 'simple file sharing'.

Do you get the same access denied message if you just browse via Windows Explorer or Network Neighbourhood, rather than via a share?

  The Mad Hacker 00:36 10 Jun 2003

I don't use software firewalls on any of my PCs. I leave that to the router. And I installed zone alarm on another PC, and I hated it. So that quickly went.

I first got the problems, when simple file sharing was enabled. So I disabled it, to see if "everyone" was not on the list. I don't even get asked for a username and password.

Let's see if I get the same error if I browse by network neighbourhood...

OK, that's odd. Up pops a window asking for a password for "Guest". I disabled the guest account on all my PCs, yet this is the only time I have seen this. The "username" part of the dialog box is greyed out, so I cannot input another username.

Never seen that before.

  The Mad Hacker 00:37 10 Jun 2003

Also, I am unable to view the properties for the office PC. I just noticed that.

  Gaz 25 00:41 10 Jun 2003

Are the IP addresses set other than letting windows do it?

  The Mad Hacker 01:04 10 Jun 2003

I'm not sure what you mean, but the IP addresses are assigned by the router, which are assigned on a first-connect, first served basis.

The only exceptions to this are my den PC and my laptop, which are assigned the same IP address based on the mac address, as I have several port mapped services running on the two computers.

I can still connect to other services on my office PC, such as remote desktop and FTP, it's just file sharing which is a problem.

  jazzypop 19:50 10 Jun 2003

Thanks for the clarification. I would recommend you to step slowly and carefully through the advice at click here (including the additional pages listed at the bottom of the screen) - it is easy to have overlooked a simple setting which can completely lock you out of a PC.

  The Mad Hacker 00:19 11 Jun 2003

Thank you, jazzypop, but I fixed the problem. The problem was that I had two accounts on the two machines with the same username, but different passwords. Making both passwords the same fixed the problem.

However, that's a useful site. * adds to bookmarks *

Thanks, guys!

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