Networking 98 & XP - intermittant faults

  Beatle2078 11:16 14 Oct 2003

I have 2 PCs which I have networked with a netgear ethernet hub. Internet connection and printer are attached to the XP. Just now and again I have been able to access these from the 98, but only on very rare occasions and I am not adjusting things in between. I have never been able to access documents. I have a gut feeling that my firewall (Norton) is blocking things. I am not a very "teckie" person so please speak to me in words of one syllable. Please can anyone help before I go mad

  Beatle2078 10:00 15 Oct 2003

Please can someone help me - madness is beginning to emerge!

  Lozzy 10:56 15 Oct 2003

Ok here's what to try..

1. boot both PC's and make sure the network is operating.

2. Remove/Un install your firewall

3. re-install the firewall and go through the firewall wizard and it will recognise your Network and configure it accordingly to allow access..

4. Now see if you can access files on each PC.

If not then make sure you have file sharing activated on both PC's you will see a hand underneath each folder you have allowed access. Also if still not able to access file sharing try making sure your network IP address on each PC is and the other together with making sure you have named each PC with a different name but the same work-group name like MS HOME as the work-group but the XP PC name as Fred and the 98PC as Wilma or Dino..

If you still have a problem come back and ask for Barney!!!

  Beatle2078 11:44 15 Oct 2003

Thanks for coming back Barney - I was beginning to think that no one wanted to talk to me.

Uninstalled Firewall and reinstalled it. It did not recognise that I had a network going. Checked the IP addresses and on the 98 computer the fields had gone blank. I put it back in and it asked me to put in the Win 98 disc. Did that and it seems to be having problems finding a file called "secur32.dll". Checked the 98 disc and there isn't one. What next please?

  recap 12:08 15 Oct 2003

I would run the Network Wizard from the XP machine save to a floppy when requested. Run the floppy on the 98 machine, once tha tis done create a shared folder and all should then be up and running.

  Beatle2078 15:43 15 Oct 2003

Set up the disc, installed it and the 98 computer kept crashing. Now stopped, and it is still asking for the same file. Put the floppy in and it can't find it.


  Beatle2078 08:33 16 Oct 2003

I have been playing (I think that that is the best word). What ever I do it keeps asking for secur32.dll. It is on my system, but I have copied it onto a floppy for use when ever it asks for it, which is often. I started to use network trouble shooter and one of the things that appears to be missing is a domain for MS Networking - what is this likely to be?

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