hendog 16:21 01 Mar 2003

I posted the gist of this before but I think it got lost.
After much soul searching and good advice from advisor contributors, and the promise of an easy passage with WinXP(how gullible can you be),I installed a second ethernet card in my Medion PC (running pre-installed software) and connected a crossover cable to the second PC running Win98SE.So far so good, the XP one recognised and installed the card successfully. Then came the glitch. Whilst following the network wizard all went well until the screen showing the PC's communicating.During this a box appeared informing that"SPOOLER SUB SYSTEM APP" had a problem and apologised for having to close.End of net working project. Second problem, Medion has no floppy and cannot copy wizard...Should have stuck with the abacus!!

  Legolas 16:37 01 Mar 2003

You don't need a floppy to install the networking setup you can use your XP DISC if you have one. Put the XP disc in your machine running 98 and when it starts up it will give you a choice to "carry out other tasks" choose this and then you can install the set up for small networks option.

  billyliv 17:44 01 Mar 2003

Hi, Using NTL Broadband, I attempted to network a Win XP machine with a Win Me machine. No, No, No, go. In the end I installed a D-Link router and now have the two machines sharing the broadband connection although they still can't see each other on the network. This isn't a problem as both machines have there own printers and I don't have to share. Cheers, Bill

  hendog 15:37 02 Mar 2003

Thanks Legolas and billyliv. I have tried the Medion recovery disk in my second computer but because it is only a recovery disk it will not allow access to the XP programme..... The huge downside to bundled , pre-installed software.
Under the circumstances I can't see me getting very far with a network, and as I would want to see both computers and share a printer, the whole thing looks like a busted flush. Just another one of my failed attempts to carry out an "EASY" process.I should have spent the £30 on something useful.

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