marbles 21:42 25 Oct 2005

i have a desktop downstairs with broadband connection that plugs into the phone socket via a bb modem, my daughter has an apple imac g3 upstairs and would like to connect to the internet. Is it possible to connect her imac through the extension phone socket upstairs using another broadband modem ?. Any help would be appreciated so i can reclaim my desktop back.

  scotty 21:47 25 Oct 2005

I do not think that is possible. What you need to do is network the two computers and have them using the same BB modem.

What type of modem are you currently using?

Can you run a network cable to the upstairs computer?

  PaulB2005 09:52 26 Oct 2005

Not possible.

You can - swap the modem as and when needed, or you'll have to get a Broadband Wireless Router and a Wireless Adapter for the laptop. If the laptop has an ethernet port then a Broadband (Non-Wireless) Router can be used with a CAT 5 path cable between the router and the laptop.

  neghness 22:44 26 Oct 2005

you can't do that

you need to get yourself a modem/router, wired or wireless,w hichever tickles your fancy

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