Networking 2 PC's to both use Broadband

  Paul-294718 16:13 27 May 2003

Can anybody tell me what I need to connect my 2 home PC's to both use my BT broadband connection.
One PC is running Win98 and the other WinXP.

  OneSirKnight 16:23 27 May 2003
  Legolas 16:24 27 May 2003

If you have win98 first edition it does not have ICS(Internet Connection Sharing)if it is 98se then you will be able to share your BB connection.

You need a 10/100 network card for each machine connected together with a length of crossover cable.
You set up the network in XP by going to start/programs/accessories/communications/network setup wizard. Follow the instructions.

Then put your XP disk into the 98 machine and when it opens choose perform additional tasks/setup home or small office network.

Follow the instructions this will setup the network on the 98 machine.

If you do not have an XP disk when you set up the network on XP it will give you the opyion to make a floppy, do this and use it to set up the network on the 98 machine

  billyliv 16:27 27 May 2003

Hi, You need a router. I use a D Link 604 which connects to 3 machines using Cat5 cables. Each machine can then access the net independently. An added bonus is the 604 acts as a firewall. Cheers, Bill

  OneSirKnight 16:29 27 May 2003

A Little easier to understand

click here

  Paul-294718 18:05 27 May 2003

Interesting article OneSirKnight - Thanks

Can anybody suggest which particular hardware products I should use?

  Legolas 18:19 27 May 2003

As I said above two NIC cards they are much the same and cost about £10-£12 and a length of crossover cable costing about a tenner. You only need a router if:

A)you are going to network more than two PC.s

B) You want to be able to use BB on the client machine when the host machine is switched off.

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