networking 2 pc's

  Kingfisher 15:49 13 Jan 2010

a friend of mine has two pc's one is a vista desktop the other is a windows 7 laptop. he is telling me that when he trys to access the laptop the pc recognises it, but then asks for username and password.he has tried all his passwords but seems none are correct. how can he get round this problem. any help would be appreciated
thank you

  SANAP 15:58 13 Jan 2010

you should ask in netwroking forum and give a bit more information, is he hooked up to a router etc etc. With vista and win 7 it is easier than xp etc but more information will make it easier to help.


  Kingfisher 16:07 13 Jan 2010

Thanks SANAP should have mentioned they are both hooked up wirelessly to a router

  Jollyjohn 16:28 13 Jan 2010

needs to setup a user on the W7 laptop in the networking bit or turn off password request.

  Kingfisher 16:34 13 Jan 2010

Thanks Jollyjohn will pass it on

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