networking 2 PC's?

  [DELETED] 19:38 28 Dec 2003

I'm new to computers and was wondering what i need to network my 2 PC's. One has XP pro the other XP home. Both have 56k internet connections and i think the newer PC already has a network adapter on it. (is it a socket that looks like a phone socket only bigger?). The other doesn't so will i need to buy a network card for that? Also what type of connector wire will i need and will i need anything else because i've read other articles and they talk about hubs and routers etc.

Any information will be most appreciated.

(Can i play 3 player games over LAN by doing this as my mate has a laptop he brings around. Or will i need a hub to connect 3 PC's?)

  [DELETED] 19:56 28 Dec 2003

soz if u just spent a loada time reading that above. My mate has just told me how to do it over messenger.

thankss for reading it anyway, if you have that is!

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