Networking 2 computers

  pwake 21:46 15 Apr 2003

i have two computers, I have successfully conected both of them to a broadband router with no probs, but when i have tried to install a second e-card so the computers can talk to each other i lose my broadband connection, why?

  phoenix_one 21:51 15 Apr 2003

When you say you lose the connection do you mean it starts to dialup?

This could be a simple prob with Internet Explorer not configured correctly!

If this is not the case could you make it clearer please!

  The PC Doctor 22:29 15 Apr 2003

If I understand you correctly both these PC's are now connected to a Router and are working ?

If this is the case you already have your network up and running. All you may have to do is start sharing Folders on each PC. You do not have to use a second network card in each PC just use the network capabilities of your router.

If you go to Windows Explorer and look in the network nieghbourhood can you see the other PC?

If you are running the same verion of Windows on each PC setting them up is simple.

Give us more info and we can point you in the right direction.

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