User-DB816E0D-EFD6-4362-A9DE5B4B7CCF9B9C 12:41 05 Oct 2004

i have networked two computers together through earthnet with crosover cable gone through wizards on each comp but i carnt see anything in my network places each computer says that they are conected 100.0 mbps

  georgemac 12:48 05 Oct 2004

if you have a firewall running you need to enable file and printer sharing

if you are struggling try disableing the firewall to see if it works - then you know what is causing the problem.

disabled firewall on both comps and still no luck

  DoctorButcher 13:12 05 Oct 2004

Just because they say they are connected, doesn't mean they are...

Can each PC physically 'ping' each other with data?

  zed650 13:23 05 Oct 2004

Have you set any folders and files to be shared on these machines?

novice at this how do i ping

do i have to set up a network place

  georgemac 13:58 05 Oct 2004

go to start run and type cmd and hit enter to open up the command box

type ping and hit return

for me it is because this is the network address of my router - will try and find more info for you

  georgemac 14:00 05 Oct 2004

type igconfig /all after the command prompt on each machine - this will show you the network settings

then you can try to ping each machines ip address from the other

when i ping ip add it says request timed out packets sent 4 received o

  SEASHANTY 14:26 05 Oct 2004

See this website
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