Networking ?

  Highland Park 23:32 04 Nov 2003

Thinking of getting a new tower and wondered if it would be possible to work the 2 towers alongside each other just using 1 monitor, because of space. Existing OS is Win 98 SE,which has the Int Connection, and the new tower would be XP Pro. If it is possible, what would I need, beside brains and "A Little Bit Of Luck" ? .
Highland Park

  LastChip 23:50 04 Nov 2003

You need a KVM switch (for example click here ) to operate a number of computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor.

  Highland Park 09:13 05 Nov 2003

To Lastchip

Many thanks for the help. You never mentioned anything about the brains and "The Little Bit Of Luck"
Highland Park

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