cafc1962 14:47 28 Oct 2003

Is it possible to build a home network with two PC's having different operating systems. i.e. one with XP and one with 98?. Help appreciated


  Terrahawk 14:51 28 Oct 2003

yes it is the cheapest way would be two network cards and a cross over cable there are alternatives such as wireless depends on your budget really

  cafc1962 14:57 28 Oct 2003

Thanks Terrahawk. What I forgot to add was that I want to share a broadband connection between the two pc's aswell, so presumably I'll need a router?

  WaiKent 14:59 28 Oct 2003

yes you will need a router. i have differen OS too between two pcs and im just about to network them. one with xp and other wwith me.

  Terrahawk 15:02 28 Oct 2003

not essential you can set up ics without a router the downside being both machines would have to be running to use the internet asone would act as the gateway a router would allow them to connect independantly of each other

  critic-al 17:05 28 Oct 2003

probably get all your answers here

  Eagie 17:27 28 Oct 2003

Once you have your two network cards and your crossover cable, use the network setup wizard on your xp machine - theres a setup option if you go into My Network Places. This will create a disk to setup your other machine.

Both machines will only have to be on if you want to use the internet connection on the machine that doesn't have the modem attached to it. Obviously if you want to use the internet on the machine with the modem attached you don't have to have the other one on. Unless you do get a router then it doesn't matter!

  jonnytub 18:27 28 Oct 2003

you could wirelessly connect your two pc's for a small price using to ?40 usb wireless adaptors setup in ad-hoc mode. this will also allow you surf the net although i've heard that it can be a little slow at times.

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