Networking - 1 PC / 2 Laptops all with XP

  jrubiouk 16:21 20 Mar 2004

I have tried so many configurations and settings i am just getting confused.

I need a fool proof guide to setting the PC as a main connection to the internet (USB Broadband) and then conect the laptops thru a hub and a couple of ethernet cables.

The troubleshooter is almost useless :(

Anyone out there a networking pro?

  AndySD 16:40 20 Mar 2004

Set it up as a workgroup with the PC as subnet 255.555.555.0

Laptop subnet 255.555.555.0 subnet 255.555.555.0

Or use the Network Wizard. Start/Network Places/ Set up a small Home office Network. You may well need to disable or remove any firewalls first (reinstall afterwards)

  jrubiouk 15:38 21 Mar 2004

I configured it as such but i am having difficulty sharing the broadband connection...

I have tried the help/support pages on Internet Connection Sharing but they dont seem to have any effect??

Am i missing out something

  AndySD 16:16 21 Mar 2004

Make sure that the XP firewall is disabled.

Also on the laptops you need to set the Default Gateway to

You can check these settings by using the Command Prompt (its in Accessories) type in

ipconfig /all

and hit return. Compre the settings on each machine.

  jrubiouk 19:39 04 Apr 2004

i cant connect to the internet if i use that IP address for the desktop...

the network is working fine, and i can connect to the internet on the host desktop PC.... I cant access the internet on the two laptops??

I have taken off the firewall on the host and the Internet Sharing Connections are set to true on the Host...

Still feeling stumped..

  Rogerfredo 08:45 05 Apr 2004

The way I did this was to install the internet settings on each machine first using my ntl cd.
I connected all machines to a router by ethernet cable (and one from the router to the broadband unit.)
I got the addresses of the other two machines from the messages on zonealarm when they attempted to connect, and put these in the "trusted zone".

  AL D. 09:15 05 Apr 2004

have you tried using your xp cd to setup your network on each computer.also try makng a network set up disk floppy or cd on your main pc then use the disk on the others by just clicking the setup icon on the disk.

click here

  AndySD 16:27 05 Apr 2004

What is the ip address of the router?

Go to the desktop and use ipconfig /all

Note the default gateway.

Now use ipconfig /all on the laptops... what is the default gateway the same?

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