Networked printer, scanning?

  jim123321 17:06 12 Nov 2011

Im working for a client at the moment and I've had to setup a network printer for them, I've got 4 Windows 7 machines easily printing over the network to this printer that is connected wirelessly but they want one of there machines to use the scanning functionality of the printer.

The scanner doesn't show up at all in the local network devices like the printer does and to be honest i don't really have any experience with scanning over a network to a windows 7 machine, but this printer does support scan to ftp so my idea is to setup a small ftp server on the windows 7 machine with a folder to stored scans on the desktop or something, then put the details of the server in to the printer making it as easy as possible for the customer to scan stuff and just get it from the folder on the desktop, i could also share this folder over the network for anyone to open and get a scan if needs be.

Does this sound ok?

By the way the print is a Brother MFC-6490CW.

  Forum Editor 00:34 13 Nov 2011

It sounds to me as if the setting for the scanner driver is wrong. You can use this printer's scanner in a peer to peer network situation, but not in a network shared environment.

First you need to get the printer's IP address.

Press the Menu or Menu/Set key on the printer, and select Network or LAN. Select Network or LAN > WLAN or Wired LAN > TCP/IP > IP Address

In Windows 7 Click Start and type "scan" in the search field. Then, click 'View scanners and cameras'. Select the scanner and click 'Properties'. If the User Account Control screen appears, click 'Yes'.

Click 'Network Setting' tab and select 'Specify your machine by address'. Now enter the IP address you obtained, Click OK.

Be warned that you may need to disable the firewall,or adjust its settings to get the scanning facility to work.

  jim123321 02:04 13 Nov 2011

Thanks for the help, I really dislike wireless printers as i find them really unpredictable and nothing beats a good wired connection, Also i find Windows 7 is set out strange being a mac user and only heavily working with older systems like XP etc.

Thanks again!

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