Networked PC keeps "disappearing" from Network

  Chegs ® 12:41 09 Jun 2004

I have three computers running thru a router/modem,one of them is forever vanishing from the network.The PC is running XP Pro,and connects thru a D-Link NIC.This PC previously connected thru my main PC(CCPROXY software)and has always exited the network when unused,previously I had to restart it to get it accessible via the network,with the router I just have to unplug then reconnect the RJ45 plug and the PC joins the network again a few mins later.I did manage to stop this happening for a while,but (due to passage of time) cannot recall how,and the problem returned after a month or so anyway.It occasionally still refuses to show in the network(even after the RJ45 tweak)until its restarted,so I am inclined to point the finger at the OS but cannot find anything to alter this irritating behaviour.I did however find a setting to "Disable when not in use" but not sure if this was to do with network setup/operation or another piece of hardware(or even if it was on the affected PC or on my main PC)

Anyone any suggestions to rid the PC of this irritation for good?I have already tried newer driver for the NIC.

  Chegs ® 17:42 09 Jun 2004


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  Chegs ® 01:38 10 Jun 2004

Refreshing afore bed.

  Chegs ® 11:30 10 Jun 2004

and once more,before closing?

  keith-236785 13:06 10 Jun 2004

Chegs ®

Sorry i cant help with your problem but thought i would at least say hi and bump you back up the forum.

my only thought is that maybe the NIC card has a fault (i have had this happen to me, had to run it at 100 half duplex to get it to work) eventually it just died, could tell there was a computer connected and sometimes would even let me transfer files (but they were always corrupt when i got them). replaced the card and didnt have any probs till i re-installed winxp on the server pc. now i dont have a network at all.

good luck anyway

  Chegs ® 13:40 10 Jun 2004

The card has been inuse for about 3 years.It has also been installed into several other PC's where it ran perfectly.The networked machine with the problem is my 8 yr old daughters,and she has requested I sort it for her but nothing I do seems to effect a permanent cure.I have shown her howto get the network connection to work,but some of her friends aren't as understanding and "accidently" pulled off the plug.Much spitting and swearing from me got the plug reconnected and the network running again,and I resolved to cure this recurring problem to save any chance of a repeat "accident"If changing the NIC would cure it,they're not expensive,I would,but I firmly believe its the OS.XP has the ability to shutdown hardware not in use,just I cannot relocate the setting.It might be a registry tweak needed,I simply cannot recall.

  Chegs ® 14:39 10 Jun 2004

I give up. ;-)

  keith-236785 16:52 10 Jun 2004

make sure that the network card has not been disabled (right click My Computer, properties, hardware, device manager) double click on network adapters, pick the correct adapter (if you have more than one), right click/properties, and check at the bottom that it says in device usage, "use this device (ENABLED)"

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