network Xp and ME

  old-timer 18:32 07 Nov 2003

I know this subject has been mentioned several times before, but a little clarification would be appreciated.

I wish to share Telewest cable broadband and at least one printer between my two machines running XP and ME. I know I need a router, and have looked at the US Robotics, mainly because it has a print sharer on board.

However, on talking to a PC World guy(I Know!!!),
he informed me that it is not easy, and in fact that Telewest do not encourage internet sharing.

I have seen several threads which imply that it is a doddle, Is this correct.

Also a small point.. How is incoming E-Mail handled.

Help would be appreciated.

  [DELETED] 18:41 07 Nov 2003

Email is handled in the normal way, you can set one machine to allow incoming if you wish...makes sense sometimes if you only have the one account, its pointless feeding both machines. Just take out the POP from the server tab on one machine.

click here for a rundown

  [DELETED] 18:48 07 Nov 2003

You don't need a router, depending on what your looking for you can connect them with 1 crossover cable, 2 patch leads and a hub or 2 wi-fi access points.

  Legolas 19:01 07 Nov 2003

The PC World guy is either looking for work or he does'nt know what he is talking about.

Networking XP and ME is pretty straightforward, for the most basic network all you need is 2 NIC cards and a length of crossover cable to connect them together.

  [DELETED] 19:03 07 Nov 2003

As said in the click here :o)

  [DELETED] 19:16 07 Nov 2003

saved for referance, thanks

  [DELETED] 19:37 07 Nov 2003

Confirming what Legolas says above as my network is exactly that. I don't have cable; have a usb adsl modem on main (win XP) machine. Broadband is shared with full bandwidth available on each pc. Email is usually downloaded on main machine but can just as easily be downloaded on my Win ME machine. Setting up my network was straightforward. Go for it!

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