Network unauthorised intrusion

  rsinbad 23:30 21 May 2006

I have a wireless network that is secured using WPA and my ssid is not broadcast.I don't have any worries regarding the security of my network ,However looking into my routers log there are entries which imply dos attacks, to be honest i don't really understand them.

To put your mind at rest there is a program witch will detect such intrusions with an audible alert shouold someone try to connect to your network click here free.(works with wired and wireless setups)

I have been using it for some time now and not encountered any unauthorised access.

The air horn ( a message sent to the intruder only works if the intruder has windows messenger enabled)

  rsinbad 23:33 21 May 2006

sorry try this link click here

  Danoh 09:25 22 May 2006

Hi rsinbad,
Sounds like the same security log entries as I get click here

I still get them, usually once a day and lasting a couple of minutes at most.
I have yet to see if there is a time correlation with my lads' use of peer-to-peer file sharing s/w on their machines.

I've stopped worrying about them, although I still check once in a while.

  Danoh 09:27 22 May 2006

I should have said mine is WPA2-PSK, but it would be the same difference.

  rsinbad 15:07 22 May 2006

probably simular ,thing is i just don't understand how to interpret the log files, and like you don't worry about them anymore.

Just thought members would be interested in this little freeware program that gives you an instant alert should someone try to freeload onto your network.

It probably would be more usfull to those that can only use WEP instead of WPA-PSK and those surrounded by networks.

As yet no alerts for univted guests, and i doubt there will be.


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