Network traffic

  Gary Wood 18:57 05 Aug 2007

On my home network, if I open the LAN Connection Status, it shows how many packets have been sent and received. Each day, the number of packets sent is many times the number received: usually around 5,000,000,000 after my computer has been on for 8 hours or so (compared with around 500,000 received).

This surprises me, since I use the network mostly for internet access where the majority of the traffic should be inbound.

I'm fairly confident that my computer doesn't have any malware since I've run a full virus scan and only last weekend formatted my HDD and reinstalled everything from scratch.

Is there I way I can monitor the traffic on the network to try and figue out what's going on?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  LastChip 12:26 06 Aug 2007
  Gary Wood 12:39 06 Aug 2007

Thanks, LastChip.

That utility certainly looks like it might be a useful starting point. However, the download links on the website are broken. I've searched with Google for the file name and, whilst serveral results are returned, they, too, all seem broken.

Any ideas where I can get a copy?

  LastChip 13:48 06 Aug 2007

I just tried both download links towards the bottom of the page and they worked fine.

  Gary Wood 16:10 06 Aug 2007


Thanks for this. I opened the page in FireFox and the links worked - and I could see the images on the page. For some reason, neither the images nor the links work in IE7.

I'll give the program a try and post the outcome.


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