Network a tower only

  woody 00:28 28 Jan 2004

I would like to network a comp tower - without keyboard/mouse/screen.
I presume i would set it up complete (card in both comp)and then remove the bits in the bios.
If i did it this way - how would i be able to click in the bios if i wanted to replace the bits.
I have been able to network the two comp via 10/100 cards and with usb to usb.The later is very slow.

there's not much point networking the tower if you cannot control it. Use a KVM switch if you want to eliminate the extra hardware.

  woody 01:54 28 Jan 2004

I only want to use the dvd/cd/hdd as extra capacity.

  John-259217 01:59 28 Jan 2004

How you do this would depend on several things.

1) What you want the tower to do.

2) What operating system/application software you want it to use.

3) The hardware itself.

In relation to the hardware you need to select bios options such as halt-on-no-errors, disable-mouse-support etc. You can only do this whilst you have a keyboard/monitor installed so undoing the changes will require reconnecting them to the tower.

A caveat here, not all hardware will boot with these items missing and its not easy to tell without a monitor!! All you can do is try it and see.

Control of the tower is now performed from a remote PC via some form of remote access protocol such as telnet, ssh etc or perhaps through a web browser.

Windows desktop o/s`s were not intended to work in this manor although they can be 'persuaded'. Next option is Microsoft server products which cost lots of dosh!

If your just doing this for an experiment (perhaps you have a spare tower or you fancy a file/printserver) take a look at Linux. It has all the requirements for remote administration and works happily without a local display attatched.

In particular look at Mitel networks SME server. This is Linux based, available for free download as an unsupported developer release and has browser based management. Here's the link click here

Be aware that this software will COMPLETELY TAKEOVER the hard drive of any system its installed on so returning the tower to its original state will require a full reinstall.

Its fairly simple to set up but as with any form of Linux it may not work with all your hardware perfectly.

And yes, a KVM may well be an easier choice!

good luck


  John-259217 02:06 28 Jan 2004

You could also do a search for 'remote administration programs'. There are lots about for Win98 systems which would do what you want.

Be aware that these are effectively trojans which pass control of the system to another PC and not all are what they appear to be so be careful what you download.


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