Network topology and security - ideas wanted

  Christopher Lewis 12:03 15 Nov 2005

Our network has grown haphazardly. We want to rearrange it to fit new requirements but are unsure of the best way. We want to set up so that work can continue even if something breaks down and has to be replaced.
We have the following equipment -
Cable modem
Four port router with dedicated WAN socket, printer server and built-in firewall.
Another, less sophisticated, four port router (no print server, doesn't claim to have a firewall)
5 port gigabyte switch
Network attached storage device

We need to attach 3 PCs so that they can access each other and the NAS, even if nothing else is working.
We need to attach a 4th PC (laptop) so that under normal conditions it can access the others and the NAS device.
These four machines run ZoneAlarm and Norton Security Suite.
And finally, a fifth PC that can connect to the internet, but preferable is completely cut-off from the other devices - so it can't even see that they exist, and lax security on this PC won't allow viruses etc. to get to the other machines

Any bright ideas?

  mgmcc 13:12 15 Nov 2005

I would have thought:


(connects to -> )

ROUTER with PRINT SERVER (Print Server connects to -> Printer)

(Router connects to -> )


(Network Switch connects to -> )


(Second Router connects to -> )



The second Router will get its WAN IP address from the first router and will have to have its LAN IP address and the DHCP pool it uses to allocate IP addresses to "clients" in a different subnet from the first router. The subnet mask will prevent PC5 from seeing the other PCs and vice versa. For example, if the first router is operating in the subnet, set up the second router to operate in something like or even use the IP range.

...if that makes any sense? ;-)

  Christopher Lewis 20:22 17 Nov 2005

Thanks for that - it makes sense.


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