Network tester with wand. How to use?

  Flopper 10:41 18 Aug 2014

I am not sure if this is the correct forum. I may be wrong but didn't PCAdvisor once have a networking forum? I have been asked to buy a network (cabling) tester and one with a wand/probe. I have already got a cable tester which connects an RJ45 at either end and checks for breaks, for want of a better word but I am not sure what the wand is for or how to use it. Is it to check if a port on a patch panel is live by the unit making a noise when the probe is in contact with the termination point on the patch panel or is there more to it than that? For example I might want to identify a long cable that starts at the patch panel but I have no idea which cable at the other end of the run is that particular one. Also can anybody recommend any kit?

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