Network Speed Test - different results on PCs

  LimestoneRock 17:19 13 Jan 2018

Recently bought new PC - all set up and running. Have kept previous PC and have laptop. I am with Sky Fibre and should get around 40mb. I was achieving around this level on both laptop and old PC before the new purchase. When I carry out Network Speed Test on new PC(upstairs) I am getting speed of between 5-8mb. On the laptop (in lounge) I am getting 37mb and on the old PC (next door to lounge), I am getting 12 - 15mb.The router is in lounge. The laptop is "connected" by way of WIFI and the other two by way of network adapters(plug in the wall).These speeds are roughly confirmed by other internet speed tests. Can anyone please explain these differentials and what might be the cause?

  qwbos 20:13 13 Jan 2018

First step, you need to compare like for like. Scattered around and connected differently tells you nothing, apart from they're different. Put the two laptops next to the desktop and repeat the speed tests, first with all on Ethernet, then with all on wifi. You need to have a base point to start from.

  wee eddie 21:20 13 Jan 2018

I think that you should check that you have the distribution systems aet up correctly. 40mbps sounds low for fìbre. I'm on copper and getting 52mbps.

  wee eddie 23:00 13 Jan 2018

I'll put it bluntly. There's something wrong with your in-house connection

  wee eddie 23:45 13 Jan 2018

My guess is that his Router is plugged into an Extension Lead

  wee eddie 00:13 14 Jan 2018

In an Office there are too many potential causes of interference

  LimestoneRock 00:25 14 Jan 2018

Many thanks everyone for your contributions. Will try these out later today.

  wee eddie 01:39 14 Jan 2018

LR: Your Router needs to be plugged directly into the Mastersocket. The Homeplug needs to be plugged into the Mains. No extensions on either.

  LimestoneRock 11:15 14 Jan 2018

I am afraid the various suggestions have not been successful. I placed the laptop next to the PC downstairs and got 37.8mb wirelessly and 14.9mb through the socket/plug. Upstairs I got 36mb wirelessly and 5.8mb through the socket. These figures are very similar to those obtained on the two PCs. I could not get any realistic reading for the PCs wirelessly; the one upstairs was 2.8mb and I could not get the one downstairs to work. I have also changed the plug connections as suggested. I have the router directly connected to its own mains socket and the same applies in each case for the socket/plug connections. All was working well on all equipment prior to getting the new PC!!

  LimestoneRock 17:48 23 Jan 2018

Sorry to return but I am still trying to sort this out. I have tried so many things without success. The Sky on-line tester shows internet connection fine @ 40mb and that my network at home is working well(or words to that effect but not giving any speed). I linked my laptop directly to the router through the ethernet cable and got 37mb. Contacted SKY and everything is OK at their end and they have stated (which I had really assumed) that my peripheries are to blame. That means the two sets of powerline-type adapters are at fault but I cannot believe that both sets have failed at the same time (they are different makes). Any other ideas please?

  wee eddie 18:01 23 Jan 2018

When was the house last rewired?

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