Network Sharing Problems

  Large JD 12:11 23 Jan 2006

I have recently purchased and installed a Belkin Wireless Pre-N router. I have installed it on my desktop main pc no probs, and can access the internet. I am trying to set up a home network so as to allow my laptop to connect wireless to the internet and to be able to share files, folder and printers etc between both pc's. I have tried following the XP home network wizard but no joy.

I am a complete novice to both wireless and networking.
I would appriciate some step-by-step guideance on how to configure things.
I have visited 1 or 2 wedsites from previous threads but its all above me.

Also if possible how do i make the wireless connection safe, as it shows my wireless point as unsecure.

My desktop is running XP pro, with Nortons firewall.

My laptop is running XP home, with only the windows firewall enabled. (plan to install Nortons once network problem is sorted)

Many Thanks in advance

  mgmcc 08:33 24 Jan 2006

As both computers have internet access via the router, they are already "networked". You should set at least one folder as "shared" in each PC by right clicking it and selecting the Sharing & Security option. The firewalls in both computers need to be configured to allow local network traffic through and that should basically be it.

However, there is an additional issue when accessing a PC with XP "Pro" installed. You need to be logged into the "client" PC with a Username/Password that matches a User Account set up in XP Pro.

<<< Also if possible how do i make the wireless connection safe, as it shows my wireless point as unsecure. >>>

There will be settings in the router to enable WEP or WPA encryption. Enable this by creating and entering a "key" and you will then have to enter the same key into the Wireless Adapters' software to be able to connect to the network.

  Large JD 09:51 24 Jan 2006

I thing i have managed to sort the wireless connection to the router but i can't connect to the internet. I have managed to connect the laptop using cable and access the internet no probs. looking @ the support tab in wireless network connection status, the default gateway does not have and address. Should it?

  Large JD 10:36 24 Jan 2006

When i map the "network drive" on both the laptop and desktop, they only show the network places and shared documents on that pc.

I have created and logged in on the laptop using and identical login name as on the desktop.

I have setup/allowed access to the laptop in nortons on the desktop.

I don't have a firewall turned on, on the laptop yet.

I'm at a bit of an inpass now as to where to look and or adjust.

Will plod on regardless
Cheers for the advice again mgmcc

  Large JD 11:28 24 Jan 2006

Jump for joy!!!!
Now that i've stopped running round the room...

I've managed to connect to the net wirelessly, horaaaaar.

Selecting "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" appears to have sorted it.

Now if i can just sort that sharing out....

  Large JD 14:51 24 Jan 2006

Sorted the sharing out, but hit a slight problem. Have just installed Nortons on the laptop. I can connect/share/surf using wires, but not wireless.
Laptop is stating
"No wireless networks were found"
"Turn the wireless switch on"
Well its on...

I expect its Nortons blocking someting.
I have used the wizard to allow traffic using wires, how do i get it to comunicate wireless.

This is the last leg of sorting my network, all advise would be greatly received.

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