Network shared server drives show up as Removable.

  Gaz 25 16:20 06 Feb 2004

Right, there are 2 NT 4 servers for one of my clients, which have shared drives.

Now there is one drive partition on server 2 that is for administrators only...

and... there is a partition on there which should be accessible to everyone who logs on.

Now when logging on to an XP corp. machine as admin, it shows all the network drives as removable drives? ugh? and one of the shares is missing.

Also, when logged on as a standard user, None are shown, no drives at all but your disc drives and local disk.

The log-on script runs and its only this one PC, the rest work. It should also be correctly configured.

It is a workgroup domain.


  Gaz 25 17:03 06 Feb 2004

Arnt you network guys on today?

I will wait for FE, he ussually knows a bit. ;-)



PS. I am going out now, back later to check. Thanks in advance.

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