Network setup query

  abbie0 19:56 05 Aug 2005

Upstairs: P3,Win Me, cabled to a Linksys Wrt54g router then a cable modem.
Downstairs: P4 Win Xp with a wireless USB adapter Linksys WUSB54g.
Followed the setup instructions and both can access the internet no problem. Tried to use the Xp wireless network wizard to network the computers for file and printer sharing but it wont work on the "Me" computer.What do I have to do to do this manually. Also if I stop the SSID transmission at the router, the USB adapter cannot find it.

  LastChip 21:14 05 Aug 2005

"wont work on the "Me" computer"

Do you mean the Wizard wont work or something wont work relating to the file sharing?

  Strawballs 21:23 05 Aug 2005

If both computers can access the internet then try running the network wizard and running the floppy it asks you to make on the ME machine. the wireless wizard if for setting up the wireless cards and yours are obvously working if they can access the net

  Taff36 11:19 06 Aug 2005

click here and by following the link at the bottom of the page click here

With the SSID transmission on get up the XP machine to remember the details. It will be on a tab called "Profile". Basically you make the connection, go to the profile tab and save the details. Turn off transmission and when you reboot the XP machine it should start searching for the "hidden" router. Go to the profile tab select the saved profile and "activate" or "Connect" - it should!

  abbie0 17:19 06 Aug 2005

When I plug the Flash memory from the wireless wizard into the Me computer it tells me it cannot do it and gives me an option to print the information on the disk.I dont have a printer to do it with on this computer.

  Taff36 17:33 06 Aug 2005

Instead of the flash stick use a floppy disc. Ignore the printer bit.

  Taff36 17:35 06 Aug 2005

Instead of the flash stick use a floppy disc. Ignore the printer bit.

  abbie0 09:50 07 Aug 2005

Thanks everybody, looks like I've been using the wrong wizard. Now see the bit about saving a profile. Is the "Profile" tab somewhere in the USB adapter software or is it in Windows somewhere?

  Taff36 21:04 07 Aug 2005

The profile bit only refers to when you stop the SSID transmission so your computer can find uour hidden router. It should be in the USB software because when you loaded that it would normally over-ride the Windows one. It may not be called "profile" but basically once you`ve connected to the router look on the other tabs for the option to save settings/profile or name the connection.

The Network Setup Wizard configures the computers to see each other as a network and sets up file sharing. Once you have done this wizard following the instructions I linked you to you make a copy of them to a floppy. Transfer it to the other PC`s and run the file from the floppy. The wizard will apply the common settings to each computer in turn.

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