Network server auto-dials - how do we stop it?

  Keith 18:36 17 May 2003

We have a network server, running on Windows 2000 Pro, serving a network of 7 workstations running Windows XP Pro. The server runs Norton AV (industrial strength version). The modem is on the server with dial up via modem (in the server). This is to enable email and internet access.

Problem: the server insists on dialing a connection every few minutes. We have had to disable auto-dial and dial/disconnect manually - a real pain. We have disabled automatic dialing and Windows Update. Ia m assured it is not Norton (by the network installation engineer) but it keeps happening.

Any ideas please? Thanks, Keith

  Forum Editor 19:55 17 May 2003

but is Outlook running? If it is, it may be configured to check the mail server every ten or fifteen minutes, and this will trigger the dial up.

I'm sure you've already checked that.

  spikeychris 20:02 17 May 2003

Nice on FE. Although you state elementary I have been trying to suss this one for a while on a 2K server. One I set is set to check every TWO Min's and it is for ever dialling up....didn't even think to check that.... :o)

  Keith 21:34 17 May 2003

... yes, we have Outlook on a workstation and, I must admit, I do not THINK we have checked its configuration to see if it is set to dial up every so often. I will check this out first thing Monday morning and let you all know if we have the solution! Thanks, FE. Keith

  Kitz E Kat 21:54 17 May 2003

I Know you did this , so i dont know why im askin.. you did try CTRL+ ALT+ DEL, as it was trying to make the connection.. in order to get a list of the active programs at the time.. i know its silly cos its the first thing you would do but.....

  Keith 22:15 17 May 2003

I blame the installation engineer! I think such an obvious idea was beyond him (and me!). Many thanks - this is strategy no. 2 on Monday morning!
Why do we overlook the obvious? Yours, embarrassed, Keith

  Kitz E Kat 12:43 18 May 2003

Dont talk to me about network Engineer's. Outlook Express is an obvious candidate for your troubles, however there can be other programs theat will attempt to "get out" to the big bad world! A copy of Zone Alarm can be a handy to have,configure it so as to ask for permission to access the net forst , you can eliminate programs pretty quick, are you sure that the proble is with the server in the first place and not a workstation, more lightly in my opinion, in which case load ZA on all Workstations, and watch in horrer as they try to make undesired connections to the net. Happened me on my little LAN and ZA did the trick. Gonna be a busy Monday Morning!! The most overlooked is often the obvious, but for a so called network engineer, you pay him yet????

  Keith 20:10 18 May 2003

It's Outlook we use, not OE, but same difference. No, we'll not be adding Zone Alarm to any of the Workstations - I just removed it from my PC as it caused XP to re-boot continuously! It's certainly the server that does the dialing, but probably instigated by Outlook on a workstation. If not OL, we'll do the 'process of elimination' thing. No, the system must be stable before we hand over any cash! Thanks for your help and interest. Keith

  Keith 22:28 19 May 2003

Seems the clientside installation of NAV were not configured correctly so attempted to run Live Update, rather than let the server get the Update and push it down to the workstations. If it turns out to be anything else I'll let you know for information. Thanks all, Keith

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