Network security software

  rsinbad 19:17 23 Apr 2006

I have a secure wireless connection ssid not broadcast, mac filtering,wpa enabled.
Try as i may i cannot get my netgear dg834g to send email alerts should there be any outside attempts to conect to my network

However, i have given up trying to set that up and i am looking for some simple software that would alert me should someone try to connect to my network. the only ones i have found are designed for companies.

Does anyone know of such software (preferably free)?

  Danoh 20:55 23 Apr 2006

For other's info, your other thread is click here
I'll post an additional comment in that.

As to your query in this thread, I don't know of such any such software which can integrate with your Netgear router.
Sorry! :-(

  rsinbad 21:13 23 Apr 2006

thanks for your reply I did try all combinations to set router to log and email plusnet did give me settings but did not work.

I have found this click here
what do you think? (its free)

  Danoh 21:23 23 Apr 2006

Looks ok but I've never tried (nor heard of) it before. As with all experimental stuff, I always make sure I'd set a manual restore point as few shareware apps are that well written and quality tested against a wide enough range of other apps running on Windows XP!

But presumeably your Netgear router's function would not require a PC to be powered on? Have you tried to contact Netgear for help?

  rsinbad 21:47 23 Apr 2006

Yes i allways set a restore point before downloading ? software, so far it has picked up three four devices my comp,two laptops and the router as unknowns, have accepted them as known devices so hopefully should warn me of any uninvited, have to see how it goes.

I have tried various forums regarding netgear email reporting, haven't contacted netgear re the prob. will send email and see what they say.

If this software works ok maybe a better option than email reporting.

will let you know the outcome

Regards Sinbad

  rsinbad 21:45 24 Apr 2006

Well not heard anything from netgear, however having run Air Snare i am not too worried about email logging as this free program gives me an audible warning of anyone attempting to connect to my network, and far more info that i dont quite understand yet.

As i have said in my initial post i have a secure network, well as secure as can be.

Looking at the routers log files only confuses me as to what it all represents or how to interpret its findings.

I know if some one does get through my security i would be alerted as soon as they tried. I know perhaps i'm being a little ott ,but its a sure way to know if someone is leeching your network.

I guess i have solved my problem.

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