Network Security Audits

  Bob The Nob© 21:40 17 Feb 2009

Hi all, I've been reading up on Network security Audits (Hacking) as where I am doing my Uni Work placement has asked me too see how secure everything is.

I know I need to think about actual device security and also social security (ie lying to people to gain passwords)

I just would like to know your thoughts on this and some techniques (if the rules allow).

I will also have to write a report on this at the end for both uni and the work placement.

My main worry, is if a child (my placement is a school) notices or reads up the same simple guides I have read or sees me do the audit, could this generate the opposite effect desired?

  Tech Guy 12:05 23 Feb 2009

Learning to "hack" is a process that is learned over several years of reading, trying and more reading.

My advise to you is go get a couple of decent books. A book to start is:

The hacker handbook 3.0 by Dr K.
Then subscribe to 2600
Then get to know TCP/IP intimately.

After the above

Learn how to code? Learn how to use Linux? Learn how to use Wireshark and nmap after building you own networking lab to run tests on.

Search "Certified Ethical Hacker" and get one of thier books.

You will never learn this in a month or two.

P.S. Please don't turn into a scumbag script kiddie.

  Bob The Nob© 12:16 23 Feb 2009

I have over the recentt years learnt a fair bit about Linux but I am no whizz, I can install and upgrade distros like Gentoo and Pure debian etc.

I have also learnt how to code simply in several different languages so I can look and get the gist of the code but again now whizz.

I have played with wireshark and looked a nmap but I have never had enough time with nmap.

I have also used aircrack-ng.

Thank you for your suggestions and will definately be on the look out the those books.

Ethical hacking is quite a interesting subject but also a time consuming one. As I said above, I am only on placement at a school and so not too much indepth knowledge is yet needed but I shall continue to learn more. I will be testing the network in question with BackTrack 3 Final as this is a nicely pre made enviroment. I will has have a small Gentoo install setup with nmap and some other tools the people recommend.

Thanks again for the response and no, I wont become a Script-Kiddie, Im a little too old for that now, plus they are what I'm trying to stop at the school in question.

  Tech Guy 13:09 23 Feb 2009

I use BT3 on a bootable thumb drive I carry around on my car keys.

You still need to know how to use the many tools on BT3, nmap inc..

Good Luck in your studies.

I should be called Frank....."I luv networks me"

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