Network Router & Sharing Between Computers

  darkjedimistress 17:11 19 Jul 2003

Okay, I will make this as simple as possible. I have a Blueyonder Highspeed connection which goes into a US Robotics Broadband Router and then the 2 Ethernet Cables go into each of my 2 desktop PC's.

Now both have internet access and are running great! Now the questions are:

1. If I want to file share between computers do I need anymore cable or will the router act as a network tool?

2. If the network hardware is already there then do I just need to run some sort of network wizard in order to share the files on both pcs with each other.

3. If I have to run a network wizard tool, where do I find this?

Many thanks!

  scooby43 17:42 19 Jul 2003

can you tell me please what operating system you are using ? the router will act as the host for your 2 computers?


  darkjedimistress 17:57 19 Jul 2003

Is windows ME on both pc's

  darkjedimistress 18:32 19 Jul 2003

It was quite a simple plug and play operation. I didn't need to load any software, it's all connected via ethernet and both pc's work online with zonealarm running on both.

I contacted Telewest and they asked for my Router MAC address which I gave them and an hour later it was all up and running!

  darkjedimistress 18:33 19 Jul 2003

I am assuming the Router acting as a host means they can communicate with each other and I justhave to configure them to communicate now?

  microswift 18:54 19 Jul 2003

If there is a network connection wizard in ME then yes you run it, you have to give the network a name and a password, having ZA security levels set to "high" will prevent the network from communicating, you have to set it to medium or disable it. You can put the IP address of each PC in the trusted zone of the other but in my case this didn't work.

  darkjedimistress 18:59 19 Jul 2003

Yes there is a network connection wizard in ME so I will run that and give each pc it's own name. How so I ascertain the ISP address of each computer? Sorry if it's a stupid question, probably has a simple answer.

  microswift 19:14 19 Jul 2003

If you have something like Belarc Advisor on your PC if you run it, it will display your IP address, if you dont have it, it or similar is well worth having, you can download it for free, there are other ways to find your IP address but I just can't think of them right now. When setting a network name just use MSHOME and your own password.

  darkjedimistress 19:27 19 Jul 2003

I went to start and ran RUN and typed in WINIPCFG on both pcs. Okay each computer has a name and I have run the network wizard and file sharing is enabled but the crunch question.

With this all done, I now click on MY COMPUTERS and still cannot see the Hard Drive of the 2nd PC still and vica versa. Is there something I am missing? Many thanks for all the help so far.

  darkjedimistress 19:28 19 Jul 2003

Please where is the trusted Zone, is it part of the Network Setup or the Zonealarm setup?

Have set zonealarm to medium security to avoid problems.

  fitshase 19:35 19 Jul 2003

In answer to your questions:-

1) Trusted zone is in ZoneAlarm

2) You will need to share the drives on each computer in order to see them on the other computers. I don't know how you do it in WinME but in Win98 and XP you do it by opening up Windows Explorer and right clicking on the hard drive and select "Sharing" (or something similar).



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