Network randomly shutting down on PC

  Coruen 14:19 03 Jan 2017

Hi guys, My PC sometimes does a "KRHHH" sound (not from the PC itself, from my headphones only) and my network connection (Windows 7, next to the sound control) is showing that red "disconnected" symbol. All I can do to fix this is restart PC. It has been happening a lot lately (Yesterday 3 times, in like 2-3 hours intervals). This started happening a few months ago (but only like, 1 time a week). I thought it may have been from playing games (because everytime it happened it was during playing a game, only yesterday i was downloading songs on firefox and it happened again so i figured it can'T be games only - could it be firefox? I have it on all times) I tried checking in Event Explorer (My system is in CZ, so I don't know if it is named like that) but there is just too much events at the time of the network fail. This is really annoying because I play Rust very often and it loads like 10 minutes if starting the game for the first time (From PC start). Any solutions? My specs: CPU: i7 3770 3,40 GhZ... GPU: 2x R9290X (Crossfire)... RAM: 8GB ram DDR3... MB: Intel DZ77GA-70k

  Coruen 14:27 03 Jan 2017

Oh and I have wired connection and reconnecting the cable doesn't work.

  rdave13 18:44 03 Jan 2017

Could be the Ethernet cable is faulty. Can you try another one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 03 Jan 2017

try devicemanager -Ethernet adapter- properties - power management tab - untick allow the computer to switch off...

  Coruen 21:26 03 Jan 2017

Appreciate the help.

I currently cannot try another cable. This is my only one.

In the device manager->Ethernet->Properties-> I see no power management tab (I guess you meant the third tab?), in which I see only pop-up menu with tons of stuff, but none I can tick/untick.

  rdave13 21:53 03 Jan 2017

In device manager my Ethernet connection is called Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller #2. Under Network Adaptors. Your might be a different name and in the properties box there should be a tab for power management.

  Coruen 21:57 03 Jan 2017

Thanks man, found it and unticked it. I'll let you guys know in a couple of days if this keeps my net from failing.

  Coruen 22:46 04 Jan 2017

So today it happened again. Only once but it happened. I can't change the cable, so any other ideas? I mean it (may) have improved but i would like to not burden myself with this issue.

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