network question re Internet connection Sharing

  PhiltheFragger 22:08 28 Sep 2003

Trying to network an XP system (Host ) with a Win98se system (Client) using a crossover cable.

Network basically works but Internet connection Sharing is not working. ( it is enabled on XP)

Have used the XP wizard and manually configured without success.

Do i need static IP addresses or Automatic

Any tips

  DAICAP 23:09 28 Sep 2003

On the host machine try going to Network connections, right click on the internet connection and select the advanced tab. Make sure that the "Allow other network users..." box is ticked.

I've found that this is sometimes a problem when using different versions of windows.

By the way my IP address is set to automatic.

Hope this helps.

  howard60 09:04 29 Sep 2003

I use a static ip address 192 168 0 1 for the main host pc and 0 2 for the client. make sure you put 0 1 in the gateway and dns slots on the client machine. Make sure sharing is enabled and copy any old file in to the shared documents folder. Good luck.

  PhiltheFragger 08:41 01 Oct 2003

Not having any luck at all

To recap Host is XP system. Client Win98SE.Both have IE6 using a crossover cable.

The network is fully functional except for the shared internet connection, (Broadband ADSL- Alcatel green stingray modem)

I can share files, printers scanners etc no problem.

I have set up the Internet gateway on client system and it says it is connected, under properties it can see the alcatel connection, But when you hit Internet explorer, it says WEB PAGE UNAVAILABLE.

Internet connection sharing is enabled on host and all the network sharing boxes are ticked.

On the client under IE6, the connection is through the LAN , not the dial up.

On the host, the alcatel connection confirms that it is shared

All firewalls have been removed temporararly

I must be missing something obvious


  Xevious 08:55 01 Oct 2003

did you select "never dial a connection"?

  PhiltheFragger 12:48 01 Oct 2003


Next question please.

  PhiltheFragger 17:17 01 Oct 2003

Back to top of the pile

  PhiltheFragger 21:41 01 Oct 2003


  PhiltheFragger 07:10 02 Oct 2003


Come on guys, if no luck im gonna have to splash out on a router

  Chasman 22:34 13 Oct 2003

I have a very similar problem - I have all the same kit as you except I have 2 XP machines.

I can do anything except connect to the internet on the 2nd (client) machine. I have checked everything as mentioned above.
If you have succesfully connected the internet please let me know


  PhiltheFragger 07:08 14 Oct 2003

Sorry Mate

tried everything but eventually spent a bomb on a Dlink 504 ADSL router/modem

Worked first time

Suggest you follow suit


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