Network Question Help please

  NIGEY 18:09 19 Oct 2008

Hi Guys,
Can you please help I'm thinking of buying Belkin F5D8233UK4 Wireless N Router click here
so I can use my old computer situated upstairs in the spare room to surf the internet along with the new one downstairs.
My question is this,My new computer is running windows Vista Home premium but the old computer is running windows xp would this be a problem for this router?
Also how easy or hard is it to set up this router.
Im using cable broadband using an external modem MODEL SB1400 connected I think to a internal nic card It isn't connect by a usb anyway.
Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Thanx in advance Guys
Kind Regards,
Nigey .

  FreeCell 19:56 19 Oct 2008

Shouldn't be a problem with Windows XP.

Not set up this modelmyself, but Belkins usually pretty straight forward, with quick set-up guide and set-up CD in the box.

What you don't say is what wireless cards you are using in both old and new computers. Your new router is the latest standard 802.11n and is compatible with older standard 802.11b/g, so you will be okay with these but only get the highest performance with a 802.11n card in the PC.

Hope that helps.

  NIGEY 20:19 19 Oct 2008

Hi Freecell,
I was hoping that I could use the usb dongle thing that comes with the router via usb in the old computer upstairs.
Is this ok to do,or have i got it all wrong?
Sorry for lame questions but i am a newby at computers you see so please forgive me.
Some routers have the usb receiver in the box dont they is it a case of just putting this in the old computer and setting up and away i go?

Thankyou in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:25 19 Oct 2008

Should be OK.

  NIGEY 20:28 19 Oct 2008

so I can just bypass the nic card on the old comp upstairs without any probs?
so any recommendations for a good router to use for this purpose knowing the details i gave you above,Thankyou for your input fruitbat.


  FreeCell 10:50 20 Oct 2008

Err lost me a bit Nigey.

No problem in bypassing the nic card in the old computer if you use the usb dongle. You have to set up the connection settings but not hard. Assuming it came with the Belkin mentioned in your first post it's an 802.11n dongle (?), if so should give good performance and range.

Make sure you set up the wireless settings on the router by temporarily connecting it to one PC by network cable. Once set up you can remove cable and just use wireless connection from both PCs.

Not sure what you meant by "recommendation for a good router" as thought you had already chosen the Belkin.

  NIGEY 18:08 20 Oct 2008

Hi Freecell I do apologise the router I posted is not the one I was looking to buy was this one
click here=

thankyou for your assistance I think ill go get it tomorrow and give it a whirl,
Ill keep you posted.
I think if i just follow the installation instructions ill be ok
Thank's again gang.

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