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  lee_robinson1983 11:58 19 Apr 2006

Hi all, can anyone please help me?

Over the weekend NTL B/B was installed in my house. It is currently connected to a PC in a bedroom via the usb connection (pc is old and has no ethernet connection). There is a new PC coming tomorrow to put in a seperate bedroom. I have a router and adaptor already but will I need to still install the B/B on the new PC after the network has been established or will it be picked up by the new computer via the wireless connection?

I'm clueless with B/B and welcome all help, thanks.

  mgmcc 13:31 19 Apr 2006

As I see it, the problem you are going to have is to connect your *existing* PC as you will no longer be able to use USB directly. However, you can use a USB Network Adapter, either "wired" or "wireless".

What you have to do is to power everything off, including the Cable Modem. This is important so that the modem releases the association between your existing connection and the IP address it allocates. When rebooted, it will recognise a different connection and allocate a new IP address.

Connect the routers WAN (Internet) port to the Cable Modem's ethernet port and the new PC by ethernet cable to one of the router's LAN ports.

Power on the Cable Modem and wait for it to be fully booted, then power on the router and wait for it to be fully up and running. Finally, boot the PC.

If you now enter the router's IP address in to a web browser, you should be able to access its setup pages from where you can configure it. There should be very little to set up for internet access as you have a "direct" connection and get IP address etc from the ISP. The "wireless" settings may need a bit of configuring - give it an SSID (replace a default SSID), set it to connect to "802.11b" or "802.11g" or "mixed" as appropriate. Once you have it working, you can set up encryption to secure it.

Once you have everything working, you can connect wirelessly and remove the cable between PC and router.

  lee_robinson1983 13:48 19 Apr 2006

whoa, ok I think I know what you're saying but the new pc will be far away from the router and modem (20 feet or so) to far for a cable connection. I have 2 wireless adaptors, will this aid things?

  mgmcc 14:10 19 Apr 2006

Normally the initial configuration of a router requires a *WIRED* connection. This is because of the "chicken & egg" situation - you cannot connect wirelessly because it isn't configured and you cannot configure it because you cannot connect. Hence, the need to use a cable just to get it set up. You might actually be able to configure the router without it having to be connected to the Cable Modem, at least to get the wireless side of things going, then you can go from there wirelessly.

  lee_robinson1983 14:36 19 Apr 2006

thanks mgmcc. I will give it a try tomorrow when the new pc comes, fingers crossed I'll sort it

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