[DELETED] 17:58 11 Dec 2003

I have been using a simple two PC network without problems when using a Belkin Cat 5e Crossover cable - 3M length but since moving PCs further apart, requiring a new Connectix RJ45 Patch Lead - 5M long from Maplins, it takes an age to get a list of files from one PC to the other, Files either will not save from one PC to the other or they take for ever to do so!!

Can anyone suggest why this might be, please?

Have tried the obvious of making sure cable is pushed well home on both PCs!

  [DELETED] 18:27 11 Dec 2003

unless you damaged the socket on either card (unlikely), its hard to see that there's anything
else at fault bar the new cable, 5 meters in length shouldnt be any trouble so it must just be poorly made or got damaged (folded over too tight rather than coiled). only thing I can suggest is try another one.

  [DELETED] 20:55 11 Dec 2003

I know its obvious but your patch cable is a crossover isn't it amd not straight through?

  [DELETED] 23:52 11 Dec 2003

Dont really know how to tell the difference! Is there an obvious difference?

  [DELETED] 00:04 12 Dec 2003

Bertie B, place both ends together and the same way up. Looking from the top at the 2 connectors the two wires should be on opposite sides. So if the colour of the internal sleeving is black on one and red on the other they should be as follows.

Crossover: black on the right, red on the left at one end and reverse position at the other end.

Straight through: black on the right, red on the left both ends.

  [DELETED] 00:05 12 Dec 2003

You're very unlikely to spot a diffence visually, unless you can see the colour of the cables inside the connectors and compare them. But a line connected cable just wouldn't work at all in this set up - output data going into input pegs and all that. There is the strong possibility that the cable was damaged during production/in transit/ by the guy in stores.

Sorry, don't know much about Connectix - a competitor[!] - I would recommend, if possible, moving the PCs back to where they were and using the Belkin cable. If the network springs back to life then these is definitely something wrong with the new cable.

A final thought, I assume that the Cat5e cable hasn't been replaced by a standard Cat5 cable - transmission speeds are less ....


  [DELETED] 00:07 12 Dec 2003

Is there nothing you don't know? I thought 'at last, one that I deal with on a day to day basis" and still you beat me & get it correct ;o)))))

  [DELETED] 00:15 12 Dec 2003

Just a lucky guess! ;o)

Found a diagram here, hope it helps. j. click here

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My site:

click here


  [DELETED] 00:22 12 Dec 2003

Sorry Paul, have removed offending site from my favourites and replaced with yours. ;o)

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You're a true gent, sir!!!!!!!!

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