network problems?

  no way 22:05 16 Oct 2005

can anyone help? we have 2 pcs both networked sharing internet thru router.yesterday mornimg i checked email, read it and shut down pc.icame home later and switched on pc but it will not connect to net or email ihave checkedcontrol panel\network connections all show connected at 100mbs but pages time out, im on other pc at mo please help ieven tried system restore but still the same

  splork 22:19 16 Oct 2005

Please give more info, ie OS for both machines, ISP, router make and model, cable or adsl broadband....first thing to try is unplug the router for a minute or two and then start up your PC's.

  no way 22:24 16 Oct 2005

both running xp pro, blueyonder broadband, soho broadband router.problem is only affecting 1 pc other works fine am on it now, will remove lan cable from other now.

  no way 22:25 16 Oct 2005

it now shows network cable unplugged

  splork 22:28 16 Oct 2005

When you plug it back in and check from the router config, does the router see the second PC?

  no way 22:37 16 Oct 2005

yes router picks it up right away just rebooting pc see if it helps

  no way 22:42 16 Oct 2005

avg will not update nor adaware and sygate has dissappaered from sys tray .... hope im not heading for another format\reinstall

  splork 22:44 16 Oct 2005

It doesnt sound hopeful, try booting in safe mode and removing old drivers and devices from Device Manager, then reboot, switch off any firewall software, remove any network connections, reboot, let Windows re-install anything it finds.

  splork 22:45 16 Oct 2005

To go back to basics, remove Sygate and enable the Windows firewall. Download Sygate again for installation later

  splork 22:46 16 Oct 2005

Can you ping sites from the `problem` PC, from the command line?

  no way 22:48 16 Oct 2005

have just gone "cont panel\add remove" and uninstalled sygate rebooted and can now get back onto netwill have to download fresh sygate firewall or do you recon ms version is any good?

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