Network Problems

  Mike D 10:57 30 Dec 2004

I have recently installed a wireless network (Belkin ADSL Modem/Router and USB adapter for my desktop and for my daughter's laptop. We both have inrenet access but I cannot get the printer sharing to work.

I have used the appropriate wizards on both PCs and on hers the workgroup is visible. When I try to add printer so that she can used my printer it tells me that the printer name is wrong or that the necessary permissions are not available.

On my PC I cannot see the workgroup and I suspect that for some reason it will not set up. A step by step idiot's guide would be appreciated.

I have checked and we are both administrators on our respective pcs, which both run Windows XP Home SP2.


  ragj195 11:17 30 Dec 2004

I had a similar problem with SP2. Try going to add/remove programs and clicking on Add\Remove Windows components. Select Networking Services and click deatils and add the Peer to Peer component. Do this on each PC and also make sure you have right clicked on the printer on the PC it is attached to and shared it there.

Good Luck!

  LeadingMNMs 11:28 30 Dec 2004

Probably a firewall problem, assuming that the computers use some form of firewall.

On each computer, open a command prompt (under accessories) and type "ipconfig /all" and make a note of the IP addresses of each computer. When you have both type "ping" where '' is the IP address of the other computer. Do this for both computers - I suspect that on both occassions this will time out, rather than the packets being recieved.

If they do time out that this is likely to be because of firewalls. Open the Firewall and add the IP address to some form of Trusted Zone. If you need help doing this, let us know which Firewall your using and someone should know what to do.

  Mike D 17:46 30 Dec 2004

Well thanks to both of you. I had Outpost firewall, but I thought that I had it set up as loose as a goodtime girl; obviously not, it wasn't allowing Netbios traffic at all, hence no interna; communication on the network.

Now working OK


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