Network problems

  Nessie 19:05 25 Feb 2004

Have set up network with pc to laptop with crossover cable. Laptop has internet connection but does not connect I presume dure to firewall. Have tried to set zonelabs as suggested but when I go into advanced I do not get the sharing option as stated. Printer can not be seen from laptop even though I have tried to set it up as per help ie add printer and follow promps but comes back with no printers found on network. it is on. Also laptop can not see pc though laptop is listed on pc but if I click it say that I do not have authority so call the administrator. Any help would be great. Apart from above it is brilliant LOL HA HA. Thanks again

  LeadingMNMs 19:10 25 Feb 2004

I assume you are using the free version of ZoneAlarm. Open it up and go into the Firewall section. In the Zones section select Add >> IP address. On the next screen add the IP address of the other computer and give it a description.

One way to see if it is ZoneAlarm that is cauing the problem is to go into Alerts and Logs and look to see if it has blocked any files from the other computer.

Hope this helps

  Nessie 21:21 25 Feb 2004

all problems ate due to firewall but how do I find the ip address of the laptop so as i can enter it in zonealarm

  Nessie 21:21 25 Feb 2004

sorry are due to firewall

  LeadingMNMs 07:09 26 Feb 2004

If you open a command prompt, on the laptop, and type "ipconfig /all" you should be able to find the laptops IP address, although a bit of searching maybe required.

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