network problems

  mazzer1968 18:59 21 Aug 2003

i have 2 computers running xp the main computer is conected directly to broadband internet the second is conected via eathnet. when i turn the computers off and on i loose conection and have to re set up a small office conection for the second computer to conect to the internet. can anyone help its doing my head in

  Forum Editor 19:10 21 Aug 2003

the Internet connection sharing wizard on both computers?

When you say that the second computer is connected via ethernet, connected to what - do you have a router, or a hub?

What exactly do you mean by a 'small office connection'?

  mazzer1968 11:30 22 Aug 2003

the computers are conected via a crossover cable.
i set up a (small office or home network)in the internet conection part.made sure the second computer is on a secondery internet all workgroups the same did the floppy thing. then turned off the second computer and back on again it worked the 1st time but on the second time i had to set up a network again ive downloaded all the updates as well

  recap 12:20 22 Aug 2003

Do you disable the firewall when starting the netwokring process?

Have you set up any shares?

  mazzer1968 16:19 23 Aug 2003

no the fire wall is on but ive set it up to allow conection

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