network problem on a PS3

  cliff100 11:32 26 Jan 2010

Hi I have set up a PS3 with my network and it keeps dropping connection. Sky my ISP say it's nothing to do with them as every other Pc on the network seems ok. Has anyone any idea what causes this and how to sort. When every i am playing a game it comes up in top right hand of screen disconnected. ?

It does connect so I know the IP address and setting are right it's just the dropping off ?

Thanks in advance


  mgmcc 11:43 26 Jan 2010

Is this a "wired" ethernet connection or are you connecting "wirelessly"?

If "wirelessly", try changing the Channel number in the router's wireless settings. You could also try allocating a fixed IP address to the PS3. What type of encryption are you using - WEP, WPA, WPA2 - as this might be causing a problem?

  cliff100 12:16 26 Jan 2010

hi it's wirelessly connected
I use WPa security
I have allocated a fixed IP address

One thing I did notice is when the connection dropps off if I am on the settigns page it changes from WPA to WPA2 ?
Idont even know what WPA2 is ?


  cliff100 12:20 26 Jan 2010

I did a search and found a link to the playstatin network and lots of people on that say they lose connection. The answer they say is set port forwarding on the router. I have logged into the router and also gone on line with Sky for help and I dont see how to change this any ideas.
The router is a Netgear DG834GT

I do have my PC connected (wired )
1 laptop ( wirelessly ) XP
1 laptop (wirelessly ) Vista
1 Pc (wrelessly) Vista
an external Netgear SC101 with 2 hard drives on it (wired)
and my PS3 wirelessly

  mgmcc 18:19 26 Jan 2010

See if this tutorial for port forwarding for the PlayStation Network in a Netgear DG834GT router helps click here

  cliff100 14:19 27 Jan 2010

thanks for that that looks jsut what I am after.


  cliff100 21:21 29 Jan 2010

just a follow up I have now sorted the problem it was the port forwarding and since doing this the connection has not dropped once.

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