network problem

  philsteriom 16:21 25 Aug 2011

We have 4 desktops and two laptops connected via wireless Netgear WA354G router, the system was working fine for a few years then the D/top with Win 7 would not access another computer with XP, All the computer are set to share, we had to reinstall windows XP on one laptop now this is unable to see other computers on the network, all computers have internet access and I have checked all computers still have share option active, 4 desktops in the network have an invoicing system and that works fine and prints OK. When I try to access a XP D/top from a Win 7 D/top computer it states that the computer does not have permission to access \whatever, yet another desktop can, any one got any ideas? its frying my head! Phil

  recap 11:54 31 Aug 2011

Check your Antivirus program is set to allow sharing and its firewall setting.

  philsteriom 14:10 31 Aug 2011

Thanks for the response, all computers have network sharing allowed on firewall, I think the problem may lie with the fact that Win 7 is on one and the rest is on XP, the system has worked in the past, the diagnostic report on one that we cant access says there is a problem with the Realtech but one computer can access it, its bizzare, I have been in contact this morning with a computer engineer, he said he had a similar problem and had to put Win 7 on all of them and that cured it, maybe thats what will need to happen.

  mgmcc 23:46 03 Sep 2011

There is no reason why you can't run "File & Printer Sharing" between computers running XP and Windows 7. Make sure that any folders you want to have available over the network, in whichever computer, are set as "shared" with the correct permissions set where necessary. Any third-party software will need to be configured to allow access to the networked computers, which may involve adding their IP addresses in a trusted area.

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