jonski 10:27 19 Dec 2008

On sunday Virgin decided to upgrade their broadband service, i had great problems until they sent me new modem drivers. Yesterday my office got back online. Problem is now our network has gone down. I reconfigured the 2 pcs using set up a new connection and installed it on pc 2...Yesterday it was working without problems, this morning nothing!! The master pc says connected at 400mps yet pc 2 says limited or no connection. I`ve tried again to configure pc 2 but having no luck. thus 2 people are now having to access emails through my pc..Any suggestions would be great.


  ambra4 11:06 19 Dec 2008

How are you connected to virgin modem via a Ethernet cable or USB?

  jonski 11:11 19 Dec 2008

Hi, i`m connected via USB and ethernet to the other pc

  ambra4 11:13 19 Dec 2008

Not to sure what you mean by virgin sent you a new drivers?

There is no need to install a driver for a Cable or ASDL service via a Ethernet network connection

If you are connected via a USB modem port than it would require that you install the new USB driver

  ambra4 11:15 19 Dec 2008

Does the cable modem hive a Ethernet port

  jonski 11:17 19 Dec 2008

No, its a Thompson ST330 broadband modem, phone line goes in one plug, and a USB to the pc.

  jonski 11:19 19 Dec 2008

No, its a Thompson ST330 broadband modem, phone line goes in one plug, and a USB to the pc.

  jonski 11:21 19 Dec 2008

Virgin updated their broadband service and required new drivers to be installed for the thompson modem. I followed the instructions to the letter and it stopped working..They finally sent me a disc with updated drivers for the modem, of which i installed and it workd fine, for 1/2 a day. When i`ve connected this morning the other office pc which shares the internet won`t work atall.

  ambra4 11:27 19 Dec 2008

Ok so the first pc is allowing access to the second pc via the windows ICS network

Uninstall the driver from the second pc and take a read at this site

click here

  ambra4 11:32 19 Dec 2008

Would also suggest that you close the thread on the help room forum

Select the box and click resolved

  jonski 11:34 19 Dec 2008

Which driver do you want me to uninstall?

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