network problem

  zac6 18:18 04 Sep 2004

have 3 pc's connected through a hub. 1 on XP, 1 on XP Pro and 1 on ME. 2 XP pc's connected and sharing everything without hiccups, but ME pc not able to find the other two and they can't find the ME one either.


  E7 19:31 04 Sep 2004

Which PC did you set up the home network through? I've got 3 XP Pro machines all sharing broadband plus a, (headless), Win98 machine sitting in the attic running as a media/jukebox server for the other 3. For this I used the option to make a "home network set up disc from one of the XP Pro machines that still had an "A" drive and this worked fine for Win98. I would imagine it would be the same for ME! Just make sure you are logged on as "Admin" and have full permisions and you should be OK

  hellred 22:00 07 Sep 2004

Make sure the Workgroup name is the same as the others or its mispelled maybe and that Pc has a unique name.

  E7 00:00 09 Sep 2004

Well friend, did any of these things help?

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