network problem

  howard60 22:04 03 Aug 2004

have a simple peer to peer network with xover cable. xp pro on machines. up to 4 machines at different times connected to the main pc all work fine. A friends pc had problems which I fixed but cannot get it to work on network. The ip address is set up and zone alarm has its details. When the pc boots or shuts down both pcs show the network card indicator connected or unplugged. The main pc can see the other one but access is denied. The client pc can only see itself in mshome. The drive is shared and everything should work but does not. I wonder if the lan port built in to the mobo has died but if that is the case why do I get the network is connected. Any ideas would be appreciated. When I tried Ipconfig /release no apparatus could be found. Is it possible to turn a lan card off?

  hillybilly 22:08 03 Aug 2004

If you have an "onboard" lan card it is turned on or off from within your bios.

  howard60 22:09 03 Aug 2004

it is turned on in the bios - I wondered if there was somewhere in xp that can turn a nic off?

  hillybilly 22:20 03 Aug 2004

go into network connections and check that it is not disabled, jsut right click it an check its properties

  howard60 22:22 03 Aug 2004

this is showing everything fine but it does not work.

  hillybilly 22:27 03 Aug 2004

I've just read your first post again, if one can see the other then the nic's must be working. Can you ping each p from the other and are you running firewalls?

  hillybilly 22:28 03 Aug 2004

Sorry little mistype should read
can you ping each pc from the other, and are you running firewalls?

  johnsims 22:30 03 Aug 2004

If access to friends PC is denied across network these are the things I would check next:

1. sub domain ( or on both machines) I assume both machines have the workgroup set to MSHOME
2. Was friends nic installed as administrator and you are now trying to log in as another user? In other words is it a password issue?
3. Are you leaving enough time? Sometimes windows networking takes an age to get its act together and for all PCs to be recognised.
4. Run the network connections wizard on your PC and create a floppy when prompted. Insert floppy into friends machine, run network wizard on that machine and run the floppy as prompted.
If that then fails you know you have a permissions/password type issue.

  howard60 22:30 03 Aug 2004

hi hillybilly ping does not work . zone alarm on the main pc with ip address of other pc entered. No firewall on other one. As stated all other pcs connect immediately they are connected to the xover cable.

  howard60 22:34 03 Aug 2004

Hi Johnsims rogue pc is a new install no passwords just administrator account with guest account turned on. Submask set as I have said all the other pcs I connect have no trouble just this one.

  johnsims 22:36 03 Aug 2004

Run the network conections wizard and do the floppy thing. If that does not work then maybe you have a duff lan port on mates pc

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