Network Problem

  DiddyBoy 19:37 24 Oct 2003

First of all the specs...

Local Network using a Netgear DS104 4 post hub connected to Asus INET 800 ISDN router.

2 PC connected to network.

My PC - on board Nvidia Lan network card.
AMD xp2600+ - XP home
1 gig PC2700 DDR
40 gig h/d cdrw.... blah blah

2ND PC - Netgear fa3311 fast Ethernet adapter
PIII 1 gig - XP home
512 MB PC133 ram
40 gig hd/ cd....... blah blah.....

Now down to the problem.... :-/

I've just set up the home network (with some help - cheers dad) and can connect to the net with, I thought, no problems.. that is until I went to send an e-mail..

It seems that I can't use the SMTP at all... e-mail program will send to hotmail (http) with no problems..

Then the second problem was noted, I went to the windows update site... sailing along, again no problems, until I clicked the "Scan for updates" link.... the browser froze and failed to scan..

According to the Microsoft troubleshooter, it appears that I may have a problem with SSL (?)

Now I know next to nothing about networks and even less about SSL...

I've e-mailed Microsoft for some help, but I don't expect to hear back from then before christmas.... next year...

So I've coming running back here looking for a miracle worker out there who can tell me where to start and what I need to do...

Just a footnote - I can connect to the site/e-mail no problems when I connect using the USB direct to BT's Digital access box.. it's only when using the network to connect that these problems occur....


Thanks in advance...

  lozparry 21:43 24 Oct 2003

If using Outlook express, go to tools-accounts mail-highight default connection and then check its properties, click on servers and check that the outgoing mail is smtp.(your isp)etc.
As for the SSL settings, go to tools in IE-Internet options-Advanced and scroll down to secruity check that the SSL2 and SSL 3 are ticked.try this, there is something in the network settings but I'm having problems with that myself!!

  DiddyBoy 07:09 25 Oct 2003

Thanks for the reply, but both those settings are as you suggested..

Any further assistance is greatly appreciated..

  DiddyBoy 08:51 25 Oct 2003

I've managed to get around the windows update problem by altering the proxy settings, but this hasn't sorted out the e-mail problem.. I still can't send e-mails...

And yes, Outlook express is set to use the same connection as Internet Explorer...

  DiddyBoy 09:31 25 Oct 2003

Ignore the above posting.. it seems that it was only a temporary fix.. as I can no longer access the update site...

I still get the general error code of 0x800A138F and specific from the updae log file..


2003-10-25 09:29:22 08:29:22 Error IUENGINE Querying software update catalog from click here (Error 0x800C0008)


Any assistance greatly appreciated....

  recap 13:33 25 Oct 2003

click here it may help?

  SEASHANTY 14:16 25 Oct 2003

Also cannot get windows to scan for updates and get the same error code as yourself. Not resolved. No trouble with e-mail though obtained from NTL server via Mozilla browser. See my comments to alcudia about halfway down this thread click here

  DiddyBoy 16:59 25 Oct 2003

Told you I was a novice to these things... can you explain how to do that please?

I've read the manual, and I've tried what I think is right but it still won't work...

  DiddyBoy 16:50 30 Oct 2003

It seems there was a fault? in my router... it was closing ports that should be open and despite my best efforts.. I couldn;t get it to open them..

Replaced the router with a new one, and everything is now working 100%

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