Network problem

  rufus-speed 08:11 05 Aug 2003

Network has 4 PCs connected, using Win2K Professional - all have IP Address set. The clients are no longer able to access folders on the server - error message "Folder not found".

  mike_w 08:26 05 Aug 2003

Can you ping the server?

  rufus-speed 08:50 05 Aug 2003

I cannot ping the server

  Kitz E Kat 08:59 05 Aug 2003

It the ping works, and it should, unless a cable is unplugged etc. then have you got 'map network drive' on startup active. You could also try 'search for computers' and see if what that finds. Right click on 'my network places' to access both . Also was the folder remaned, moved etc?

Can you print on the network?
Can Clients see each other and share files, is the problem just accessing the server from a client?

Its something simple,and you should not have to much trouble sorting it.
Good luck
Kitz e

  MjM Hellfire 10:42 05 Aug 2003

If you can't ping then there is a good chance it's a hardware issue. I take it you tried to ping from all the pc's (clients)to the server?

Try pinging each client and see if they can find each others IP.

Are you connected to a Switch/Router ect?

Are you using DHCP for IP addressing or did you set all your Ip's manually.

Are you behind a firewall of some sort?

  rufus-speed 11:48 05 Aug 2003

PCs can only ping their own IP.
4 clients each using Win2K Pro, Server using Win2K Pro.
IP's all set up manually ( -
Firewall has been removed.

  Kitz E Kat 13:45 05 Aug 2003

I take it that the hub is working ? Silly question but.......

  Webmaster 15:10 05 Aug 2003

Apologies if this insults your inteligence, but you did type in a subnet address for each machine? I'm guessing that you did. :-)

  recap 16:29 05 Aug 2003

DNS & WINS if needed?

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