network printing problem

  Ben Avery (Work) 12:28 05 Feb 2003


Ok I (Work) have purchased a hp 1220c printer for the office (I wanted the hp 995cxi as I use a 960c at home and they are so similar, but the higher ranks never listen - funny thing is we don't even USE A3 paper!!!).

Anyway, back to the issue...

The local PC (mine) runs Windows 98 and the network PC runs Windows 2000. I installed the local as per instructions and it works fine. To install on the network PC was a similar process (just choosing "network" and path instead of the local option funnily enough) and the test page from the network PC printed fine too.

As the test page printed identically from both, I assume the connection and driver selection is fine but whenever I try to print from any software (Word, Excel, Outlook Express, Notepad etc.) the program justs shuts down and nothing prints!

When you re-open outlook express for example, it displays the "Outlook Express was not shut down correctly..." dialogue box.

What is going on????


P.S. I tried setting it up on another PC too and that did exactly the same thing. It only prints from the local PC.

  Ben Avery 12:46 05 Feb 2003

After 2 hours holding on the technical support line I'm about to Throw the phone through the window and file myself in the cylindrical "in" tray under my desk...

...please help!


  Old PC man 13:50 05 Feb 2003

Hi Ben, I think the test page prints from within the printer memory and does not rely on data from the computer, only a trigger signal.

I think you're correct in saying the network connection is OK as the command to print the test page got through, but it may require a feedback from the printer before it will accept data. This is only guesswork though.

Can you still print the test page from your networked PC?

You could try sending the thread to the HP e-mail help line rather than telephoning. It would probably be quicker than waiting for someone to andwer the 'phone.

  Ben Avery (Work) 13:59 05 Feb 2003

I finally managed to get through to hp (who are a bunch of wasters) after ignoring their advice and dialling a differrent number.

This was their reply (brace yourself cos this is hilarious!):

It must be an incompatibility issue whereby you cannot use different operating systems in the network.

Can you believe it???!!!

Well I know that's total rubbish so I've set about fixing the problem without their assistance. This has had partial success. Instead of installing the printer using the CD I did it manually, using "Add Printer" and when prompted for the driver required, I browsed the CD for the WINNT section (as the second PC was running 2000).

& Bob's your uncle it installed and prints! thanks to hp "helpline".

All I need to do is check the other PC now, but as the owner has run off and not left me his password (sensible eh?) I cannot do this yet.

Assuming it will work the same, I'll resolve this thread and re-open if any other problems occur.


  Old PC man 23:20 05 Feb 2003

HP's helpline. What a sauce? They took your 'phone bill money under false pretences. They didn't help and just threw you a line.

I hope your solution is permanent.

Oh, look it's snowing outside. I'll bet its warm and sunny where you are Ben.

Cheers John /#))

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