Network printing anwireless connection DG834G

  DavidMP 17:48 09 Jan 2006

I have a Sony laptop with Netgear WSG511T card, Netgear Wireless Router DG834G with HP LaserJet 4100TN connected to ethernet socket on router.

Whilst laptop to internet connection wirelessly is fine, I have 'lost' (therefore once had) wireless connection to the printer from my laptop. I have not knowingly changed any setting, but this capacity was also problematic on set-up.

What have I done / what do I need to do to 're-find' my printer?

  03moscropl 18:08 09 Jan 2006

go over and redo but check all fire wall settings something may be blocking it. go to printer & faxes and select the printer then go to the settings and make sure the printer is set up to share, then chck the shared documents and check if they can be shared, also check the workgroup and make sure the names for it are the same on both pcs. then on the main pc re-run the network set up wizard in network connections.

  DavidMP 18:30 09 Jan 2006

Thank you for response. Have checked the features you mention, but there is no other PC, just the laptop and network printer, that's part of the frustration, the setup seems so 'simple'.

  stuc100 19:37 09 Jan 2006

Do you use DHCP on your router to assign IP addresses? If so it may have been given a new IP address from the router. If this is the case then your laptop wont be able to find it. You should have some way in your router of assigining IP addresses to specific devices.

  DavidMP 20:56 09 Jan 2006

Thank you for the suggestion.

The link between router and laptop is OK, but the laptop can't 'ping' the printer IP address via the wireless router.

  03moscropl 22:10 09 Jan 2006

then it might be the pc have got any new anti virus programs some block out certin ports. also right click the wireless image (microsft one)then view available wirless networks then advance settings then see in the list on the main page for "nwlink NetBIOS" & "nwlink ipx/spx/netBIOS" compatible transport protocal this makes it so it can talk to the other pcs there may be file & printer sharing for microsft networks. if not go to install and reinstall it. also go to the advance tab and go to windows fire wall bit then settings and then the exceptions tab and select the file printer click it it it should come up a edit a servace go to change scope make sure it says my computer only (subnet).

i hope some of this helps

  stuc100 22:22 09 Jan 2006

As the printer is networked it has an IP address too. If the printer has been given a new address you wont be able to print or ping it using its old address. Log onto your router and it should give you the IP address of the attached devices.
Still no luck?? Switch it EVERTHING off and start over. Seems to solve most problems.

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