Network printer showing as being offline

  Peter Lanky 20:24 07 Oct 2014

I have a Xerox Phaser 6125 network printer which I have had for some years. It is wired directly into my router and accessed by 3 PCs. Occasionally over the years, a document has failed to print, and though showing in the queue, refuses to print. The only way I have been able to fix this is to delete the printer and re-install it.

Recently however, the problem has increased in frequency until now it fails to print every time I try to print on a new day. The printer shows on my screen as being 'Offline'. Again, I can only fix this by deleting and re-installing. However I have noticed that even though I have deleted it, somehow my computer believes it to be still installed and forces me to give it a new name when re-installing it.

I am not able to switch it 'online' and don't really have a clue how to solve this.

I am using Windows 8 64 bit and have what I believe to be the latest driver installed.

Any suggestions?

  Woolwell 21:43 07 Oct 2014

It could be that the router is allocating a different IP address to the printer each time and therefore your system shows the printer as being offline. I have had this problem and through the router's configuration I gave the printer a fixed IP number.

  Peter Lanky 22:43 07 Oct 2014

I thought the same and gave it a fixed IP address, but this hasn't changed anything.

  Woolwell 10:12 08 Oct 2014

If this is happening with all 3 Pc's then the problem is more likely to lie with the router and printer. Assume that you have done the obvious and rebooted router and printer when the problem occurs. Have you checked the cable to the router?

  Woolwell 10:14 08 Oct 2014

Having posted that I re-read that a fresh installation of the driver cures it temporarily. But sill think that it may be an IP address problem. Have you checked the router's configuration to see what IP address it has given to the printer although it is supposed to be fixed?

  Peter Lanky 19:46 14 Oct 2014

I've sorted it now having found a video on how to do it.

It seems that trying to set a fixed IP via the router wasn't actually setting a fixed IP, and I needed to do it via the printer software.

Having now genuinely managed this, all works fine.

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