Network Places???

  [email protected]@K @ ME! 02:32 28 Aug 2003

Ok...I've just purchased DriveImage and I'm having trouble configuring it for network backups....basically i have no "network places" to visit....Do i have to join any particular sites for web space to store my back ups...Networking is new to me??,anyone give me a few clues....As far as i can tell everything is sorted up to the point were xp asks for the networking address to drop my back up files....Thanx anyone.

  AndySD 03:41 28 Aug 2003

If your PC is not connected to another PC then its not networked and you will need to save the image to a cdr. Assuming you have a cd writer.

  [email protected]@K @ ME! 12:10 28 Aug 2003

Mmmm....I was under the impression i could connect to a virtual network,like a central server that would allow storage etc,more like a public domain rather than a workgroup connection.Is what i want not possible?...The idea of creating an image of a 80 gig HD and storing it on the net instead of multiple disks appeals to me.Am i completely on the wrong track here?....Can someone explain more.

  zoomer 12:27 28 Aug 2003

I`m sure this is possible somewhere, but it would take some time to transfer this amount even on BB , and probably work out more hassle/more expensive than buying another drive........... one of those USB2/Firewire portable numbers look good and very handy

  leo49 12:31 28 Aug 2003

I think you ought to read your DI manual to find out how it actually works eg DI only images the USED portion of the drive/partition and compresses that by up to 50%, so even if your drive/partition were full the resulting Image would only be 40gb.

  Terrahawk 12:33 28 Aug 2003

click here=
google is your friend

  Terrahawk 12:35 28 Aug 2003

hmm link no work search for . online backup
on googles search engine you will get a few results

  leo49 12:40 28 Aug 2003

As zoomer says, there are far more affordable and practical solutions available eg, 2nd internal HDD,USB external HDD,removal HDD caddies, as well as CDRs.

  [email protected]@K @ ME! 14:29 28 Aug 2003

Online Backups,(googled)

Yes i realise now this would be not cost effective and would take a ridiculous amount of time to upload :-(...shame.

So i'm in the market for a new drive,just for backup's....or maybe a snazzy new(slo)DVD writer.
Anyway THANX for the input.

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