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Network PCs cannot 'see'each other

  Marvin Grunt 10:36 29 May 2018

My ethernet-connected Pavilion tower and my wifi-connected Pavilion laptop cannot 'see' each other on my home network when I go to network and sharing centre. But they both have McAfee Livesafe, and, on its 'My Network' function, they both appear on each other's screen. How do I get Win 10 to map the network properly?

  beynac 15:14 29 May 2018

I had this problem and found the following which solved it:

"There are two services you need to set to Automatic(Delayed Start)

Function Discovery Provider Host

Function Discovery Resource Publication

Right click the Start button and click on Run near the bottom of the menu that shows. Type services.msc in the Run box and press enter to open the Services List. Scroll down until you find the Function Discovery Provider Host. Double click it to open the Properties. Change the Startup type to Automatic(Delayed Start). Then click the Start button below where you set the Startup type. Click Apply then OK. Do the same with Function Discovery Resource Publication. That PC will now show on the network."

  Marvin Grunt 16:29 29 May 2018

Thanks, beynac, that seems to have sorted it.

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