Network No Go

  wingfield 21:52 24 Aug 2004

I run 2 computers on my home network. Saturday one PC decided it wasn't going to play and doesn't want to be part of my network. I've replaced the network card but no difference. Tonight I've put the card in the next slot but this hasn't made any difference. Is the motherboard faulty? The 'found new hardware' notification came up but there isn't any lights lit on the card. Is the green light supposed to light only when there is a decent network connection or when there is power to the card?
I can't see why the cable is duff as we haven't done anything to make it so.
Anyone able to help please. This is getting to be a nuisance.

  scooby43 22:04 24 Aug 2004

is ur network just a crossover connection. The green lights represent the connection speed whether its 100/10mb lan. does the network card work in your comp.

  wingfield 22:48 24 Aug 2004

The network goes through a Belkin router with the appropriate cable - I was advised which one I needed by the shop.
Not sure what you mean by 'does the card work in your comp' All I know is the card was picked up by the hardware detector when we first switched on after its installation. The computer I'm writing this on is working fine and I'm reluctant to mess about with it.

  mgmcc 13:13 25 Aug 2004

You haven't mentioned which version of Windows the "problem" PC is running. If it is XP and the network card is properly installed, it will appear as the "Local Area Connection" in the Network Connections folder. If there is a problem with the cable or connection to the router, you would normally get an icon in the System Tray to indicate a "network cable unplugged".

In any case, double clicking the Local Area Connection will open a box with details of the connection and with a button to "Repair".

  scooby43 09:54 26 Aug 2004

I mean if you havent managed to get the card to work in the machine your trying it in does it wok in yours.

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